Disappointing Product: Schwarzkopf XXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye- Raspberry Rebel.

Raspberry Rebel: Middle Shade.
Raspberry Rebel: Middle Shade.

I have had my lovely stepsister staying with me this week whilst my mam and her husband jetted (well, drove) off on their honeymoon, so in a moment of frenzy we decided to dip dye the ends of our hair. We are both mid toned blondes but I have bleached ends and her hair is slightly lighter than mine, and I have dyed the ends of my hair pink many times with Directions dyes which I LOVE whereas my sister had never done it before.

As I said, this was a kind of spur of the moment decision when we were in ASDA- I’d seen these dyes around and was dying to try one and she wanted to go Pink so I said we would share the dye as there would be enough for us both. Unlike XXL dyes from the standard range, Raspberry Rebel did not have to be mixed with a bleach- the dye simply came in a tube to be used straight away which was handy.

To apply a dip dye effect, I mixed the dye with a small amount of conditioner- as I wanted to give a natural gradient effect to the hair and that is the standard method in which to do so. Then, at the ends, I took the concentrated dye and smoothed it in a vertical manner to create the dip dye illusion. Now, on the pack it recommends you leave the dye to develop for 15 mins however after using many a box dye in my old age I know that its okay to leave it on a bit longer to develop because often, the recommended time is not enough time for my thick hair. Therefore, I left the dye on both of our heads for half an hour.

And to be honest, it just didn’t work.

In my sisters hair, it just didn’t take at all, there was a dark patch where the dye had taken slightly when it had been washed out… however was barely noticable and was only very slightly pink tinged. On me, the dye took very slightly but was very pale pink. My advice- don’t water this stuff down with conditioner! And maybe leave it on for an hour? However, overall I was really disappointed with this dye and won’t be trying it again. I’ll be sticking to directions!

This is of course just two particular instances- I think if you have bleached hair this would show up. Do note though, this washes out very quickly (6-8 washes) which I believe is quicker than the directions hairdyes, but I may be wrong.

Have you tried this product? Did it work for you?

Take care, Emily xo

7 responses to “Disappointing Product: Schwarzkopf XXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye- Raspberry Rebel.

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting :) Your hair looked amazing! I didn’t have bleached hair which was the beginning of the problems with me, however, where I applied the dye my hair was prelightened so it should have taken. Your advice was useful though so thankyou! Emily xo

      • Thank you very much! If you applied the dye only to the prelightened bits its must have been the conditioner, maybe if you want a lighter pink look don’t use quite as much conditioner? – Just a thought. You’re always welcome, if you need anymore advice just get in touch :) – Scarlett xo

      • Probably was the conditioner you’re right! I think I will stick to my directions dyes they take to my hair better :) Thank you lovely, I shall do! Emily xo

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